Find Dream Hotels

“Find Dream Hotels” is a Flutter app designed to help users find hotels and places to stay in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as assist hotel management in managing their properties. The app features a comprehensive hotel search system, integrated with Google Maps, that allows users to search for hotels and accommodations by name, area, or type of accommodation. Users can also filter their search results by price range, star rating, and other amenities.

The app includes a user authentication system that enables users to sign in and register using their Google accounts. Users can then make bookings and view their booking history, while hotel managers can view new posts and new posts by district, update their profile, and manage their bookings. The booking system also includes push notifications to hotel managers when a booking is made.

The app includes a rating and review system that allows users to rate and review hotels after check-in. This provides a convenient way for users to give feedback to hotel managers and help future travelers make informed decisions.

  • Find Dream Hotels help user find Hotels & places to stay in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Find Dream Hotels help managetment of Hotels


  • This source code support to learn Dart ,using images taken from
  • I have developed this app all by myself and I would be happy to share the APK of the app for testing purposes.


  • Login & Register with Google Auth
  • New Post & New Post by district
  • Detail Room
  • Favorite Post
  • List Favorite Post
  • Update User Profile
  • Navigate with Google Map
  • Google Maps Drawing Routes with Polylines
  • Push Notification to Manager Hotels when booking!
  • Booking Room
  • List History Booking
  • Detail History Booking Room
  • Rating, Review Hotel after check-in
  • Animation UI


  • Cloud Firestore
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Google Sign In
  • Shared preferences
  • Cloud Storage
  • Bloc
  • Google Fonts
  • Cached Network Image
  • Google Nav bar
  • Search Type Ahead
  • Http
  • Google Map
  • Location
  • Modal bottom sheet
  • Date Time Picker
  • Carousel Slider Image
  • OneSignal
  • Svg Icon
  • Simple Animation
  • RegexPattern


  • Splash Page

  • Intro Page

  • Login Page(Email – GoogleAccout – FacebookAccount) & Register Page

  • Home Page & Search Page & Favorite Page & History Page

  • History Page (Manager & User)

  • Drawer Page & User Profile & Sign Out

  • New Post Page

  • List District Page & District Detail && Hotels Detail Page

  • Reserve and Google Map Direction

  • History Detail Booking Page and Rating Dialog

  • Rating Dialog

  • Reviews Hotels


  • Ticket Booking
  • Holiday
  • Event


  • Android Version 8.0 or up
  • IOS Version 13.0 or up


If you have any copyright issues please contact us via email: [email protected]


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