A new Flutter project for Salon booking

-> Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • PHP

=> Features -> Customer

  • Login
  • Register
  • Forget Password
  • One time login or register
  • Email Verification (using email_auth package in flutter)
  • Register as unknown
  • List of all available Salons
  • Search Bar for selecting nearby salons
  • Booking option
  • Select type (Haircut, Beard or Haircut and Beard)
  • Select from available time slots
  • Make booking
  • Profile Screen
  • Change Profile image (choose from camera or gallery)
  • Check booking (see your booking)
  • Call to salon owner
  • Logout

-> Salon Owner

  • Login
  • Register as new owner
  • Check today’s booking
  • Call customer

-> Other Features

  • On start of app, it check’s that whether the user is connected to internet or not
  • Proper closing with willpop scope
  • Responsive app
  • Crashing chance almost 0
  • Developed with zero cost
  • On scale it would very cost efficient as only hosting charges will be there and no extra charges
  • For hosting 000webhost is used





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