Book Library

Book Library application where u can make simple CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete). This application has a dark theme, the state is managed by the ThemeNotifier class and injected by the Provider package. This simple application demonstrates the use of the Provider package in specific the ChangeNotifierProvider. I make use of a simple model, together with a Notifier class which extends from ChangeNotifier.



Light Theme Dark Theme
Showcase Showcase dark theme


This project contains adaptive widgets, to display both on a phone and a tablet.

Showcase Tablet


This project is mainly focused for Flutter users who would like to use the Provider package suggested by the Flutter team. So in short this project contains following use cases:

  • Use of a extends ChangeNotifier class
  • Provide the ChangeNotifier class with ChangeNotifierProvider from the Provider package
  • Simple widget tests
  • Dark and light theme, with the possibilty to switch at runtime
  • Adaptive widgets to display on both a phone and tablet (master and details view)
  • Use of assets
  • Use of external fonts
  • Logo generations by flutter_launcher_icons package
  • Flutter version: 1.7.8+hotfix.3

Design inspired by Shirish Shikhrakar


This Flutter app contains some simple widget tests to demonstrate the way you should handle widget tests in your Flutter app. These tests should be run every time you commit a change, if needed update the tests. This will ensure the quality of your application.

Getting Started

Clone this repo and look into the source code

git clone


flutter run 


flutter test



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