Welcome Aletheia Project!

This Repository is for core model of the Aletheia Project [private project yeat] .

Aletheia Project is a Bible Study App made in Flutter. The goal of the project is to give a really useful and easy to use app (shared in different platforms) that you can study the bible more precisely.

The target of the project is Christian (Protestant) software that includes features to really delve into the word and be a platform for preachers/missionaries/students/teachers and people who are enthusiastic about the Word of God.

The app include some of this feactures:

 - Compore versions of the bible
 - References of the verse
 - Anotations of the verse
 - Dictionary for words [related to the verse os not]
 - Commentaries, linked to the chapter/verse
 - PDF printing
 - PDF reading
 - Import [not all]  database from myBible.zone app
 - Lexico dictionary

The Core Model can be used to create a nice way to see the data.

The goal of the project is to deliver an app in any plataform. More especific the descktop or tablet plataform.

Initial Screen

References from the verse

User notes from the verse

Dictionary words from the verse

Commentary from the chapter/verse

Lexico Word related to the version

Some experiment with Chat-GPT [bible exegesis]

Print pdf


- Import more data from myBible.zone
- Epub reading
- Database syncronization
- Internationalization, need to implement translation
	- release package
 	- responsible layout *just working for tablet and descktop now

Check the release for the installer [windows]


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