Syntax Highlight

The Syntax Highlight package uses the TextMate rules for highlighting code, which is used by many popular applications such as VSCode. Currently supported languages are Dart and YAML, but it is easy to extend the language support by dropping in new grammar files in the grammar directory.


Before you can use the Highligher class it needs to be initialized. The initialization will load the requested grammar files and parse them.

// Initialize the highlighter.
await Highlighter.initialize(['dart', 'yaml']);

Next load a theme and create a highlighter.

// Load the default light theme and create a highlighter.
var theme = await HighlighterTheme.loadLightTheme();
var highlighter = Highlighter(
  language: 'dart',
  theme: theme,

Now, you can highlight your code by calling the highlight method. The highlight method will return a TextSpan, which you can use in a Text widget.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  var highlightedCode = highligher.highlight(myCodeString);

An example of highlighted code: Highlighted code


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