Flutter Interview Pratical Test

Getting Started

Welcome! If you have come this far is because you are special ?

This is a quick flutter test to see what you are capable to achive in a real world scenario.


  1. You have a max of 30 minutes to complete this assignment;
  2. You can use the internet for research;
  3. If you don’t understand an intruction please feel free to ask the interviewer;
  4. The interviewer should not give you hints unless strictly necessary
  5. Let the interviewer know if you have finished the test earlier


NOTE: The instructions do not have to be done on this order, feel free to jump between tasks.

How is the final look of the app


TASK 1 – Minor UI changes

  • The app shows a red ribbon on the appbar, it looks ugly, please remove it.
  • Change the app bar name to The Interview

TASK 2 – List all users

  • List all the users on the home screen (Mock data should be in data/mock_data.dart)
  • We want to see the First name and last name as a title
  • We want to see the role as description
  • Show the user image on the left
  • The user image should have a placeholder (in case there is no image), please add the package https://pub.dev/packages?q=font_awesome_flutter and use FontAwesomeIcons.image

TASK 3 – Refactoring & Bug Fixing

  • We want the user avatar logic to be a widget, please refactor it in a new file widgets/avatar
  • Add user button is not working, we want a new user to be added but when we press the + button it doesn’t do anything
  • Clean up the search controller when the widget is removed from the widget tree.

TASK 4 – Features

  • When the app starts the keyboard should show and focus on the search
  • Add a search to filter that filters by user’s first name, last name, role and email

TASK 5 – Suggestions

  • What would you suggest to improve the code


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