Pushable Button

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A 3D pushable button built in Flutter. Ideal for important CTAs in the app.

PushableButton preview


  child: Text('ENROLL NOW', style: someTextStyle),
  height: 60,
  elevation: 8,
  hslColor: HSLColor.fromAHSL(1.0, 120, 1.0, 0.37),
  shadow: BoxShadow(
    color: Colors.grey.withOpacity(0.5),
    spreadRadius: 5,
    blurRadius: 7,
    offset: Offset(0, 2),
  onPressed: () => print('Button Pressed!'),

Configurable Properties

  • child: child widget (normally a Text or Icon)
  • height: height of the top layer
  • elevation: elevation or “gap” between the top and bottom layer
  • hslColor: color of the top layer. HSLColor is used instead of Color so that the bottom layer is automatically calculated by reducing the luminosity
  • shadow: an optional shadow to make the button look better
  • onPressed: button callback



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