Flutter Learning App

The demand for scalable and reliable solutions in online learning management continues to grow, driving businesses to seek innovative tools to enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall growth.

To address this need, we've curated a collection of the 20 best Flutter Online Learning (LMS) App Templates for 2024. These templates have been carefully selected to serve as an ideal starting point for developers embarking on online teaching and course management projects.

With features designed to streamline the learning experience, manage course content, and facilitate communication between instructors and students, these Flutter app templates offer a comprehensive solution for building robust learning management systems.

With these templates, developers can accelerate the development process, reduce time to market, and deliver high-quality learning experiences to users.

1.MasterStudy LMS Mobile App

MasterStudy mobile App for LMS, the learning application designed to cater to the needs of digital education. With MasterStudy mobile, students can take courses and lessons directly from their smartphones, whether they are using an Android device or an iPhone. The app is optimized for smaller screens, providing learners with easy access to all types of content and delivering a high-quality user experience.

Moreover, the learning app fully synchronizes with your LMS website, ensuring that every change made on the website is reflected and displayed in the app. This seamless integration ensures that learners have access to the latest content and updates, enhancing their overall learning experience.


2.Academy Lms Student Flutter Mobile App

Academy LMS Student Flutter Mobile App is a cross-platform application designed for both iOS and Android devices, specifically built for students using the Academy LMS platform. With this app, students have the convenience of accessing and starting their courses directly from their iOS or Android devices, eliminating the need to be tied down to a PC or desktop.

Empower your students with the Academy LMS Student Flutter Mobile App, providing them with the freedom to learn at their own pace, on their own terms, and on the devices they use every day.


3.eClass LMS Mobile App

eClass serves as a platform that enables teachers from around the world to share their knowledge and expertise with students seeking to enhance their skills. In today's digital age, e-learning platforms equipped with advanced features and adhering to the latest SEO standards are essential, yet often come at a high price.

However, eClass breaks this barrier by offering a feature-rich e-learning platform at an affordable price point. With eClass, students have the flexibility to purchase courses at their convenience, empowering them to learn on their own schedule. Moreover, eClass is designed to optimize courses for maximum sales potential. Its customizable features allow instructors to tailor their courses to meet the specific needs and preferences of their audience.


4.Infix LMS Flutter

Infix LMS Flutter, a comprehensive mobile app designed for both Android and iOS platforms, ready to streamline the course, quiz, and class experience. With Infix LMS Flutter, students can access a wide range of features, including logging in, purchasing courses, and watching videos, all seamlessly integrated into one powerful platform.

One of the standout features of Infix LMS Flutter is its support for SCORM, allowing users to access and interact with SCORM-compliant content directly from their mobile devices. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of e-learning materials, enhancing the overall learning experience for students.


5.Faculty LMS Mobile App

Faculty LMS Students Flutter Mobile app, a dynamic application designed specifically for the Faculty LMS platform. Faculty LMS offers a comprehensive solution for simplifying online teaching and course management, and the Faculty LMS Students app brings this functionality directly to users' Android and iOS devices.

Seamlessly integrating with the Faculty LMS web, this ingenious app empowers users to access their online education with ease. Whether for personal or organizational use, the Faculty LMS Students app enables users to learn, join live classes, complete quizzes, and manage their courses from anywhere, at any time.


6.Entri - Education app

Entri is a comprehensive E-learning Management System (LMS) built with Flutter 3.0 for both Android and iOS platforms. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Entri provides a seamless learning experience for students, educators, and administrators alike.

The Education app UI templates offered by Entri are designed to cater to the needs of Education, E-Learning, and tutorial apps. These flat UI design templates are easy to integrate and customize, allowing you to tailor them to fit your specific requirements. Whether you choose to use the templates as they are or modify them by adding or removing assets, you can rest assured that you'll have a visually appealing and functional app that meets your needs.



eSchool, the School Management System designed to streamline multi-school management with advanced features and seamless administration. With its comprehensive solution, eSchool enhances educational experiences for students, teachers, and parents alike.

eSchool facilitates collaboration between teachers and students, allowing for seamless sharing of educational materials. The platform empowers parents to actively participate in their child's education by providing access to important information and updates about their child's progress, attendance, and academic performance.



Embark on a transformative journey of knowledge with GoLearn – the Online Courses Learning App designed for Android and iOS platforms using the powerful Flutter UI technology.

With GoLearn, users can optimize their online education business or enhance their learning experience through its advanced features, secure course access, and customizable settings. Whether you're a student seeking to expand your knowledge or an educator looking to share your expertise, GoLearn provides the tools and resources you need to succeed in the digital learning landscape.


9.Prime LMS

PrimeLms is a comprehensive online course learning management mobile app, complete with a backend and web admin panel. Developed for both Android and iOS platforms using the Flutter framework, PrimeLms utilizes Firebase as the backend. The app adopts a subscription-based business model, offering users access to premium courses through subscription to premium plans.

Additionally, free courses are available, albeit with ads displayed during use. This combination of free courses with ads and premium plans offers flexibility for users and establishes a dual-revenue model for the business.


10.Onest LMS

Onest LMS – The Onest LMS Mobile App is a comprehensive learning management system designed to facilitate online learning. It offers a range of features allowing students to purchase and access online courses conveniently.



Eduman is an online teaching and learning app catering to both students and teachers. It serves as an extensive online education platform, providing a diverse array of courses and coaching services aimed at enhancing learners' skills and helping them achieve their educational objectives.

Utilizing a robust learning management system (LMS), users can effortlessly access course materials, engage with instructors and peers, and monitor their learning journey.

The app prioritizes accessibility and convenience, offering on-demand courses accessible from any internet-connected device. Whether users seek to advance their career prospects or explore new subjects, Eduman offers a wide range of opportunities for all learners.



ELearning is a versatile Learning Mobile app template developed using Flutter, ensuring compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms. This app template boasts a range of features including animations, clean code, well-formatted structure, and ease of understanding. With a myriad of functionalities, it provides an exceptional user experience.

Moreover, ELearning App has the potential to be adapted for various clones including Udemy, Byjus, Byju’s, unacademy, Vedantu, akash itutor, Doubtnut, and more.



E-Learn is a comprehensive Online Course (LMS) App Template crafted using Flutter, with a bonus of FREE PSD Design included. This versatile template is designed to support both Android and iOS platforms seamlessly. Packed with features including animations, clean code, well-formatted structure, and user-friendly design, ELearn offers an exceptional user experience.

With its visually appealing interface and robust functionality, ELearn is suitable for various purposes. It provides an optimized codebase that is easily customizable to meet specific requirements,


14.Learn Pro

Learn Pro is a Learning Mobile app template built with Flutter, ensuring seamless compatibility across both Android and iOS platforms. This dynamic app template incorporates animations, clean code, well-formatted structure, and other advanced features, resulting in an unparalleled user experience.

With its versatility, Learn Pro can be adapted for various clones such as Udemy, Byjus, Byju’s, unacademy, Vedantu, akash itutor, Doubtnut, and more. Its robust framework and customizable nature make it an ideal solution for creating similar platforms or tailoring it to specific requirements.



DTLearning, delivering a holistic solution for education and skill enhancement accessible across Android, iOS, and web platforms. It caters to diverse stakeholders including educational institutions, individual tutors, and organizations seeking to provide top-notch online courses.

DTLearning sets the standard for versatility and functionality with its comprehensive feature set, including an admin panel, dedicated tutor panel, subscription plans, seamless payment gateways, and an extensive library of both free and premium books.


16.LMS App

The Online Learning Management Course Flutter Mobile App empowers businesses with a scalable and dependable solution, enhancing operational efficiency, elevating customer satisfaction, and fostering growth. Built with Flutter, the app encompasses all screen designs to ensure a seamless user experience across iOS and Android devices.

Offering extensive customization options and optimized coding for superior performance, the app leverages Getx State Management to streamline operations. With each page and component neatly organized into dedicated files, navigation is intuitive and efficient. Seamless integration with backend systems enables effortless connectivity with a backend of your choice, further enhancing the app's functionality and usability.


17.Eduma Mobile

Eduma Mobile presents a comprehensive LMS Mobile App developed with Flutter technology, providing users with a highly customizable template to create their own LMS Mobile App. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Online Education & LMS websites utilizing Eduma WordPress Theme or LearnPress Plugin, Eduma Mobile facilitates the effortless conversion of these websites into mobile apps.

This LMS Mobile App offers students a new learning experience, empowering them to manage and track their courses, as well as interact with instructors, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.



eDemy is a cutting-edge Android App developed using Flutter technology, featuring an Admin Dashboard constructed with React & Next.js. Tailored specifically for Online Training and Education, eDemy is ideal for educational institutions, online course providers, training organizations, and learning management systems (LMS). Leveraging the latest technologies including Flutter 2, ReactJS, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, and Sass, this app offers a modern and efficient platform for delivering educational content and managing courses effectively. With its robust framework and versatile features, eDemy provides a seamless user experience for both administrators and learners alike.



Livekelas is a mobile education app engineered to deliver the classroom experience directly to your mobile device. including subject attendance tracking, interactive lessons, and remote presentations. Whether you're a student seeking to enhance your learning journey or a teacher looking for innovative teaching tools, Livekelas has everything you need.

Livekelas is more than just a mobile app; it's a comprehensive education platform encompassing mobile, web, and admin functionalities. With Livekelas, we aim to create a one-stop education hub. the platform features forums, posts, AI-powered chat capabilities, real-time chatting, and an academy section.



SkillMaster is an online education platform dedicated to empowering learners to enhance their skills and achieve their educational aspirations. Utilizing a sophisticated learning management system (LMS), SkillMaster enables users to seamlessly access course materials, engage with instructors and peers, and monitor their progress. Designed for accessibility and convenience, the app provides on-demand courses accessible from any internet-connected device.

SkillMaster boasts a diverse catalog of courses spanning multiple fields, including business, technology, marketing, design, and beyond. These courses are meticulously crafted by industry experts and regularly updated to ensure learners receive the latest and most relevant information, thus equipping them with valuable skills for success.