Flutter VPN App

We present a curated selection of the Best Flutter VPN app templates and complete applications for 2024. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, these templates provide the tools and features necessary to create a robust and user-friendly VPN application.

1.Nerd VPN

The app offers VPN services with both free and premium subscription features, eliminating the need for users to register or log in. It provides a web admin interface for easy server management tailored to different user statuses. Users can obtain OpenVPN configurations either directly from the internet or by creating them using available services, although the latter option is advised for security reasons.



Bestx VPN is a top-tier application designed to provide secure and anonymous internet browsing for Android users. It guarantees uninterrupted, lightning-fast speeds, catering to both regular web users and those requiring high-speed browsing. With a simple one-click connection, users can access geo-restricted websites and stream content without buffering. The app also offers the flexibility to change IP addresses virtually, ensuring privacy and versatility in online activities. With its array of powerful features, Bestx VPN aims to elevate the online experience for its users.


3.Secure VPN

Secure VPN is an indispensable tool for ensuring safety and security on the internet. It encrypts connections to prevent third parties from tracking online activities, offering superior security compared to standard proxies. With features like one-touch connection to VPN servers, unlimited bandwidth, and bypassing geo-restrictions, internet filters, and censorship, Secure VPN provides fast and unrestricted access to websites and social media platforms.



Mighty VPN offers secure and anonymous web browsing for users seeking uninterrupted, high-speed experiences across iOS and Android platforms. With a focus on privacy and zero logs, the app ensures online activities remain private and protected from third-party tracking. It enables lightning-fast speeds and compatibility with various devices, facilitating access to geographically restricted websites with a single click. Mighty VPN also encrypts internet traffic, allowing users to stream videos, movies, sports matches, and more without buffering. Ideal for gaming, the app offers the flexibility to change IP addresses to desired locations.


5.Safer VPN

The Safer VPN App is available for Android, iOS, and macOS, offering seamless integration with the Pocketbase Admin Panel, WireGuard Protocols, and REST API WireGuard. Designed to be finely tuned and production-ready, it requires only configuration details for a smooth release on Google Play Store or Apple Store accounts. The app boasts a range of captivating features, such as subscription options, Admob Ads integration, and multi-language support, enhancing user experience and accessibility.


6.D-bug VPN

D-bug VPN is a cutting-edge VPN application designed with Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms. It is complemented by a robust admin panel developed with Bootstrap and Laravel, all powered by a JSON API. This VPN app offers a variety of features, allowing users to explore the power of VPN technology for secure and private internet browsing.


7.CyberShild Vpn

CyberShield VPN is a Flutter VPN application designed for Android, featuring Admob integration. It emphasizes the importance of internet safety and security, highlighting the encryption of connections to prevent third-party tracking of online activities, thus offering enhanced security compared to standard proxies. The application utilizes free OpenVPN servers obtained from a free API to facilitate secure connections for users.


8.Orban VPN

Orban VPN is a user-friendly and robust VPN application that ensures the encryption of your internet traffic and conceals your IP address, enabling anonymous and secure web browsing globally. It serves as an ideal solution for individuals seeking to safeguard their online privacy and security. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Orban VPN offers the optimal method for anonymous and secure web browsing from any location. Users can access geo-restricted content by connecting to servers in over 50 countries, allowing access to websites and streaming services typically limited to specific regions.


9.SafeOnline VPN App

SafeOnline VPN offers lightning-fast internet speeds and secure browsing experiences. The app connects users to premium servers, guaranteeing seamless performance while prioritizing privacy by concealing IP addresses.


10.PocketShield VPN

PocketShield: Mini VPN for Maximum Mobile Privacy, a cutting-edge mobile application designed to elevate your online security and privacy to unprecedented levels. With a sleek and modern user interface, PocketShield offers a seamless and intuitive experience for users, ensuring that safeguarding your digital footprint is both effortless and stylish.


11.EYE VPN Lite Flutter VPN

Introducing EYE VPN Lite, a feature-packed VPN application tailored to enhance your online experience, EYE VPN Lite offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide secure browsing, network optimization, and user-friendly functionality.



SuperVPN is a free VPN proxy app designed with the Flutter framework for Android, offering fast server connections. Its notable features include unlimited user capacity, unrestricted connections, availability in over 10 countries, integration with Google AdMob for monetization, location address verification, and an easy-to-use deployment process.


13.VPN Gaming

VPN Gaming is a specialized VPN service tailored and optimized for gamers, aimed at resolving connection issues and reducing high PING problems, thus minimizing connectivity lag during gameplay.

By integrating Game Booster with VPN Gaming, players can experience smoother online gaming sessions.