Yet another Habit tracker made with flutter.


Its an open source and free app where you can manage your daily or weekly habits. It uses Material 3 design.

Getting Started

You can install the apk found in the release tab.

Alternatively you can build the app yourself if u wish to you can follow the guid here


  • Clone the repo using git clone https://github.com/Mazahir26/koduko.git

  • Install all the dependencies flutter pub get

  • To test it out locally you can check this guide

  • To Build the apk follow this guide


ScreenShort 1ScreenShort 2ScreenShort 3


  • Notification Support
  • Material 3 Design
  • No ads
  • Analytics
  • and much more..

Found a Bug

The app has only been tested on android.

  • if you find any bugs, please raise an issue
  • or, contact me


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE.md file for details

Thank You

Thanks for checking out my project, I would love to hear feedback, you can contact me via Mail or Telegram.

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