WYSIWYG editor for Flutter with a rich set of supported formatting options.

Based on, but for Flutter.

✨ Features

  • [x] Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through, Subscript, Superscript
  • [x] Heading 1 - 6, Text body, Preformatted, Block quote
  • [x] Font (reads all system fonts) (Android only)
  • [x] Font Size
  • [x] Text Color
  • [x] Text Background Color
  • [x] Highlight text
  • [x] Justify Left, Center, Right, Blockquote
  • [x] Indent, Outdent
  • [x] Undo, Redo
  • [x] Unordered List (Bullets)
  • [x] Ordered List (Numbers)
  • [x] Insert local or remote Image
  • [x] Insert Link
  • [x] Insert Checkbox
  • [ ] Search
  • [ ] Icon indicators

? Screenshots


      // Insert widget into tree
        key: keyEditor,
        value: 'initial html here',
        editorOptions: RichEditorOptions(
          placeholder: 'Start typing',
          // backgroundColor: Colors.blueGrey, // Editor's bg color
          // baseTextColor: Colors.white,
          // editor padding
          padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 5.0),
          // font name
          baseFontFamily: 'sans-serif',
          // Position of the editing bar (BarPosition.TOP or BarPosition.BOTTOM)
          barPosition: BarPosition.TOP,
        // You can return a Link (maybe you need to upload the image to your
        // storage before displaying in the editor or you can also use base64
        getImageUrl: (image) {
          String link = '';
          String base64 = base64Encode(image.readAsBytesSync());
          String base64String = 'data:image/png;base64, $base64';
          return base64String;

Get current HTML from editor

String? html = await keyEditor.currentState?.getHtml();

Set Focus and Unfocus

await keyEditor.currentState?.focus();
await keyEditor.currentState?.unFocus();

Clear Editor content

await keyEditor.currentState?.clear();

Custom Toolbar

If you're interested in creating your own toolbar check the
custom_toolbar_demo.dart in the example