Worlde but on Steroid


All the word is pulled from https://word.tips. All the definition is pulled from https://yourdictionary.com.


Has ability to change the length of the wordle, for you that want some extreme challenge.

Looks and Feel

Game Mode

There are few costumizations that you can perform for your game:

  1. Length of the word (minimum 5, maximum 10)
  2. Length of the answer available (minimum 4, maximum 7)
  3. The Game Type:
  • Easy Mode: The point will keep stacked there are no penalty for skipped/wrong answer.
  • Continues: In case you skipped/got wrong answer there will be penalty for your current point (it can be minus).
  • Survival: In case you skipper/got wrong answer your current point will be reset back to 0.
  1. Word Check (to perform dictionary check when player input the guess)

How to Run

  1. clone the project
  2. flutter run!

Docker Image


docker pull adimartha/wxrdle:latest

Docker Compose Example

I am using this docker compose on portainer (stack)

version: '3.3'
        container_name: wxrdle
        image: adimartha/wxrdle
            - 4011:80
        restart: unless-stopped

With this you can access the application from your browser using:


You can change the IP address on the docker compose to fit your need.

Test it out

You can test it on the github hosted pages below



View Github