? unofficial_twitch_auth

This package allows to retrieve all the data by the newest Twitch APIs.

Available on pub.dev: https://pub.dev/packages/unofficial_twitch_open_api

Getting started

To make the APIs works, you need to configure your application on Twitch Dev Console. If you don’t
how to do, please follow the
steps here

To access to the Twitch’s data, was implemented the
class TwitchManagerOpenApi. This utility create an instance of
the available subclass of BaseTwitchOpenApi.

/// You can create the instance of [TwitchManagerOpenApi] via provider or get_it
/// An example below:
List<SingleChildWidget> _initProvider() {
  String clientId = 'your_secret_client_id';

  return [
      create: (ctx) =>
            clientId: clientId,

/// Then, you can use the instance created previously to retrieve the subclass needed
T getInstance<T extends BaseTwitchOpenApi>() {
  final manager = Provider.of<TwitchManagerOpenApi>();

  return manager.of<T>(bearerToken: 'your_secret_token');

/// Finally, use the instance. An example below:
final channelInfo = getInstance<TwitchChannelInformation>(
  bearerToken: 'your_secret_token',
).getChannelInformation(broadcasterId: broadcasterId);


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