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WhatsApp Clone

A WhatsApp UI clone in flutter (work in progress).

A working web demo ↗️


  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Web


  • Chats
    • Recent chats list (home screen)
    • Chat room screen
    • User profile screen (with animated user dp)
    • Sent message (with automatic reply)
    • Message status (pending, delivered, read,..)
    • Chat search bar
  • New chat list
  • Status
    • Status list
    • Recent and viewed updates
    • Status screen (with animated progress bar)
    • Status screen navigation (with tap and swipe gestures)
  • Settings
    • Settings screen
    • Profile settings screen
    • Theme settings (with light and dark mode)

Packages & APIs


  • Mobile

    home-gif settings-gif chat-room-gif user-profile-gif status-gif

    recent-chats-dark recent-chats-light new-chat-dark new-chat-light chat-search-dark chat-search-light user-dp-dark user-dp-light chat-room-dark chat-room-light user-profile-dark user-profile-light status-list-dark status-list-light settings-dark settings-light profile-settings-dark profile-settings-light chat-settings-dark chat-settings-light status-screen

  • Desktop


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