Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect client in dart highly inspired from wallet-connect-kotlin by Trust Wallet.


    import 'package:wallet_connect/wallet_connect.dart';
  1. Create instance of Wallet connect client and define callbacks.

    final wcClient = WCClient(
      onConnect: () {
        // Respond to connect callback
      onDisconnect: (code, reason) {
        // Respond to disconnect callback
      onFailure: (error) {
        // Respond to connection failure callback
      onSessionRequest: (id, peerMeta) {
        // Respond to connection request callback
      onEthSign: (id, message) {
        // Respond to personal_sign or eth_sign or eth_signTypedData request callback
      onEthSendTransaction: (id, tx) {
        // Respond to eth_sendTransaction request callback
      onEthSignTransaction: (id, tx) {
        // Respond to eth_signTransaction request callback
  1. Create WCSession object from wc: uri.

    final session = WCSession.from(wcUri);
  1. Create WCPeerMeta object containing metadata for your app.

    final peerMeta = WCPeerMeta(
        name: 'Example Wallet',
        url: 'https://example.wallet',
        description: 'Example Wallet',
        icons: [],
  1. Connect to a new session.

    wcClient.connectNewSession(session: session, peerMeta: peerMeta);
  1. Or connect to a saved session (from step 8).

  1. Approve a session connection request.

        accounts: [], // account addresses
        chainId: 1, // chain id
  1. Or reject a session connection request.

  1. Get active session from sessionStore getter to save for later use.

    final sessionStore = wcClient.sessionStore;
  1. Approve a sign transaction request by signing the transaction and sending the signed hex data.

        id: id,
        result: signedDataAsHex,
  1. Approve a send transaction request by sending the transaction hash generated from sending the transaction.

        id: id,
        result: transactionHash,
  1. Approve a sign request by sending the signed data hex generated.

        id: id,
        result: signedDataAsHex,
  1. Or reject any of the requests above by specifying request id.

    wcClient.rejectRequest(id: id);
  1. Disconnect from a connected session locally.

  1. Permanently close a connected session.



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