VisualEffect API for Flutter to easily add paint effects on your widgets.

Warning This package is experimental for the moment. The API can change at any time.

Scroll Effect

The main purpose of this API is to provide an easy and efficiently way to apply scroll animations.

For example this Card Stack effect can be obtained with the code below:

Card Stack

class _ScrolledItem extends StatelessWidget {
  const _ScrolledItem();

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return ScrollEffect(
      onGenerateVisualEffect: (effect, phase) {
        return effect
            .grayscale(phase.leadingLerp(to: 0.5))
              phase.isLeading ? phase.leadingLerp(from: 1, to: 0.9) : 1,
              anchor: Alignment.topCenter,
            .translate(y: effect.childSize.height * phase.leading);
      child: const _CardItem(),


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