Unity Disleksia Platform

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Unity Disleksia Platform is written in Dart with Flutter Framework.


Unity Disleksia Platform is a mobile learning platform for children with special needs in the dyslexia category. This application is a solution to learning problems faced by children with dyslexia such as limited media teaching materials for dyslexic children studying at home, children who feel bored or lazy when studying at home because parents do not have basic skills in teaching dyslexic children, and children who do not understand the concept of literacy, get bored easily, confused about understanding symbols.


cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2
google_fonts: 2.2.0
flutter_svg: 1.0.3
http: ^0.13.4
provider: ^5.0.0
intl: ^0.17.0
jiffy: ^5.0.0
youtube_player_flutter: ^8.0.0
flutter_downloader: ^1.8.0
permission_handler: ^8.1.6
url_launcher: ^6.1.4
flutter_colorpicker: ^1.0.3
getwidget: ^2.0.4
splash_screen_view: ^3.0.0
sqflite: ^2.0.3
carousel_slider: ^4.1.1
cached_network_image: ^3.2.1
fancy_shimmer_image: ^2.0.2
skeletons: ^0.0.3
connectivity_plus: ^2.1.0
pull_to_refresh: ^2.0.0
dcdg: ^4.0.1
firebase_analytics: ^9.3.4
firebase_core: ^1.22.0
get_it: ^7.2.0


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