Travia – A Vacation Planner




Team name : AutoBots

? Team members

Tushar Mali[email protected]

Nirbhay Hanjura[email protected]

? Mentors

Prajwal Kolte

Abhay Ubhale

? Description

Travia is an app for Travellers. It provides features like choosing destination, booking tickets and organizing whole trip.

  • Provides Current Location of user and the location for the choosen destination.
  • It also provides detailed information about a destination, best places in vicinity, current weather and city’s trend.
  • Booking of Tickets
  • Selection of Vacation spot and the duration of Vacation
    can be planned over the app
  • Get general travel Information
    about the destination such as :

    • Best time of year
    • Tips for saving money
  • Create Wishlist for places to visit

? Technology stack

Dart   Firebase Flutter

? Progress

  • Login
  • SignUp
  • Popular Locations in India
  • Google Map
  • Getting User Location
  • Getting Destination Location
  • Place Description
  • Add Places to Wishlist
  • Search for places

? Applications

Being new to the place can be very tiring as we do not have any idea of the place around us. Thus Travia app will provide the location of the desired destination with the help of google maps and also user’s current location. Getting details about the destination is feasible while using Travia App, also maintaing the authentication of the user is our prime task. This app covers some of the famous tourist places in India while providing the location of the selected place.

⏭️ Future scope

  • Getting Weather Details by constructing Weather Models
  • Booking of tickets using External api
  • Scheduling itinerary with respect to time and date.

? Screenshots

Onboarding Screens



Sigin and Login Page



Main Menu Page





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