Travel App Go-Travel

Anndroid application for finding recommended places in Tomsk, Russia.


  1. User can see the places in Tomsk based on type place (Park, Museum, Mall, e.t.c )
  2. User can login to the application using their own email or Google Account
  3. Filtration function – function that provides user to find their recommended places and accommodation + budget counting for their trip based on their preferences.


  1. cloud_firestore: ^4.4.1
  2. firebase_auth: ^4.2.7
  3. google_sign_in: ^6.1.0
  4. url_launcher: ^6.1.10
  5. provider: ^6.0.5


1. Home Screen

2. Detail Place

3. Filtration

4. Result Filtration

5. Save trips from filtration’s result


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