Heart Overlay Widget

The HeartOverlay widget can be used to create a fun and interactive overlay that displays a heart animation when the user taps on the screen. It can be used as a decorative element for apps that require a playful or romantic touch, such as dating apps, greeting card apps, or social media apps.

screenshot of the app


  • Displays a animated heart-shaped icon overlaid on top of eachother like social media apps.
  • The heart icon can be colored to any desired color.
  • The heart icon can be scaled to fit any size requirements.

Getting started

To use this package, add heart_overlay as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Then import

    import 'package:heart_overlay/heart_overlay.dart';


Simple usage:


More customizability:

        icon: Icon(
          color: Colors.cyan,
        verticalOffset: 50,  // Vertical Offset from tap position
        horizontalOffset: 50,  // Horizontal Offset from tap position
        duration: Duration(milliseconds: 800), // Icon to stay on screen duration 
        backgroundWidget: Image.asset('assets/image.png'), // Overlay container background

Common Errors

If you get errors like forces infinite height/forces infinite width when used in a Column, Row or Flex widget, specify a desired height/width


Wrap the HeartOverlay in an Expanded/Flexible widget. And if an Expanded widget is used, height/width properites are basically useless.

Additional information

This package is available on GitHub.

If you encounter any issues or would like to contribute to the package, feel free to open a GitHub issue. Contributions are welcome and appreciated.


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