photocoa 🍫

Temporary photos app: Take pictures without Google Photos syncing them and automatically delete them.


The project is only available in ‘Android’ though no specific Android libraries where used (‘camera’ package is managing the Platform specific camera details) so it may work in other OS but I have no way of testing it.

‘flutter_native_splash’ and ‘flutter_launcher_icons’ require building before running the application, use the following commands:

flutter pub get
flutter pub run flutter_native_splash:create
flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons

Release Build

In order to relese build the app you need to precompile the SKSL shaders, you can use the provided ‘flutter_01.sksl.json’ file or provide your own via the command:

flutter run --profile --cache-sksl --purge-persistent-cache --dump-skp-on-shader-compilation

Trigger as much animations as you can and then press M inside the command-line to export the ‘flutter_01.sksl.json’ file

Then compile the .apk application using the following command

flutter build apk --obfuscate --split-debug-info=build/app/output/symbols --no-track-widget-creation --release --bundle-sksl-path flutter_01.sksl.json --no-tree-shake-icons -v


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