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Hi Folks! ?


About ?

This time I designed an application for productivity purposes, I named the application Taskku ?. In that app we can add our daily activities, tasks and projects. We can also track how far our projects are progressing, and we can get weekly reports on the percentage of all our tasks that have been completed. What do you think? hope you like it! ?

Preview ?

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Challenges and Learnings along the way ?

In the development of these applications, I learned a lot about logic, folder organization, and I had a new idea and learned about
Flutter Widgets.I got along well with the development of this application. Unfortunately there was a silly error that cost me a
certain amount of time, and the only thing I should have done was to give a "Flutter Pub Get" in Terminal, fortunately, I found
this solution,and the application works normally in version 3.0.5 

How to Use ?

- Clone this repository:
$ git clone https://github.com/KratosOfficial/Taskku-Productivity-Mobile-App-

- Enter in directory:
$ cd Productivity

- For install dependencies:
$ flutter packages get

- Run the app: 
$ flutter run

How to Contribute ?

- Fork the project 

- Create a new branch with your changes:
$ git checkout -b my-feature

- Save your changes and create a commit message telling you what you did:
$ git commit -m "feature: My new feature"

- Submit your changes:
$ git push origin my-feature

License ?

This repository is under MIT license. You can see the LICENSE file for more details. ?

Connect with me:

genxkratos santoshverma kratos genxkratos kratos_desgin genx kratos


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