Tagtly for hyberlink

Flutter package for Android and iOS allow you to show a wide range of hyperlinks either in the input field or in an article view, for example.

Package help you detects

  • Email.
  • url.
  • Social media accounts Tag [Facebook , Twitter , Instagram].
  • the words start with # [Hashtag].
  • Date and Time

And we’ll add more later..


  • As Text Field

you can use TagtlyTextField for decorate all hyperlink

  decoration: const InputDecoration(  
      hintText: 'Type anything',  
      contentPadding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 8)),  
	  onChanged: (String value) {    },  

You can add your own style to the TagtlyTextField as you do in the TextFormField it is just like.

  • As ReadOnlyText

If you want to display the text as read-only without modifying it, then TagtlyTextView will help you.

  "Text here #welcome [email protected]",  
  onClick: (TextObj textObj) => log(textObj.type.toString()),  

The argument onClick(TextObj) is called when user tapped a hybertext. It will return TextObj contain textContent and textType. You can add some actions in this callback with the tapped text.

TagtlyTextView() and TagtlyTextField()

This package build with Regex.

Regex Detect in TagtlyTextView() Detect in TagtlyTextField()
Tag [Twitter , Facebook , Instagram]

How i can you it in TagtlyTextField()

Regex View
Url https://www.tagtly.com
Email [email protected]
Hashtag #tagtly
Tag [Twitter] tw: @mo_nasr or twitter: @mo_nasr
Tag [Facebook] fb: @mo_nasr or facebook: @mo_nasr
Tag [Instagram] insta: @mo_nasr or instagram: @mo_nasr
Date 21/07/2022, 21-07-2022, 21.07.2022 and more formats
Time 12:50

How does the text appear in TagtlyTextView()

Regex View
Url https://www.tagtly.com – like input
Email [email protected] – like input
Hashtag #tagtly – like input
Tag [Twitter] https://www.twitter.com/mo_nasr
Tag [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/mo_nasr
Tag [Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/mo_nasr
Date 21/07/2022, 21-07-2022, 21.07.2022 and more formats – like input
Time 12:50 – like input

If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to ask on github.


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