Flutter App that is able to play an .mp3 song (local asset) and records the noise levels(in db) of the song and using mqtt sends the data to a Python desktop app which draws a chart/graph with the results.


  • Diagram of MQTT Protocol communication MQTT_Diagram




  • Android Studio with the latest Flutter SDK
  • Python IDE (I’m using PyCharm)
  • A physical device (mobile phone)

Setup and Build

  1. install the python paho-mqtt library using the command pip install paho-mqtt
  2. install the python matplotlib library using the command pip install -U matplotlib
  3. the flutter dependencies & permissions are already present in the pubspec.yaml/AndroidManifest.xml files and are installed using the command flutter pub get
  4. mqtt uses a public free broker provided by EMQ X which is based on MQTT IoT cloud platform, so you don’t need to setup anything here
  5. enable developer options and USB debugging on your physical device


  1. connect a physical device to your computer through USB
  2. start the Python mqtt listener
  3. select your device in Android Studio and run the app
  4. you are done!


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