Soil monitoring and controlling system has been developed to adopt precision agriculture using Wireless Sensor Networks, which enables remote monitoring of soil fertility and other parameters namely soil moisture, NPK and temperature. This data is transmitted to the cloud and the corresponding values are displayed on a mobile application. The proposed system has the intelligence to recommend the quantity of water and fertilizer which improves the quality of the soil and ensures optimum growth of the crop. Web application is used to act as admin panel. The admin can monitor and control all the activities in the farm. In farming, farmers should inspect the work on a daily basis. From this project we hope to bring efficiency to the agricultural space, create a virtuous cycle that makes food production more accessible to consumers, saves farmers time and money, and reduces the environmental impact of farming by bringing sustainability to the process. This project include Arduino System, Mobile Application and Web Application. Used technologies Arduino, Flutter, react js, HTML, Firebase, Google map API, Twilio

Mobile Application

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Arduino System

Web Application

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