Fluent Reader Lite

A simplistic mobile RSS client.


Stable Version

The stable version of the app will be released on App Store and Google Play Store when it is ready.

Beta Version

Desktop App

The repo of the full-featured desktop app can be found here.


Fluent Reader Lite is a simplistic, cross-platform, and open-source RSS client.

The following self-hosted or commercial RSS services are supported.

  • Fever API (TT-RSS Fever plugin, Fresh RSS, Miniflux, etc.)
  • Google Reader API (Bazqux Reader, The Old Reader, etc.)
  • Inoreader
  • Feedbin (official or self-hosted)

Other key features include:

  • Dark mode for UI and reading.
  • Configure sources to load full content or webpage by default.
  • A dedicated subscriptions tab organized by latest updates with article titles.
  • Search for local articles or filter by read status.
  • Organize subscriptions with groups.
  • Support for two-pane view on iPad and Android tablets.

The following features from the desktop app are NOT present:

  • Local RSS support and source / group management.
  • Importing or exporting OPML files, full application data backup & restoration.
  • Regular expression rules that mark articles as they arrive.
  • Fetch articles in the background and send push notifications.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.