Simple todolist app made by using bloc pattern..

Getting Started

A Bloc is a more advanced class which relies on events to trigger state changes rather than functions. Bloc also extends BlocBase which means it has a similar public API as Cubit. However, rather than calling a function on a Bloc and directly emitting a new state, Blocs receive events and convert the incoming events into outgoing states.


In this project I implemeted BloC pattern for the todo list and theme picker like this:

Libraries used

library version
flutter_bloc 8.1.3
equatable 2.0.5
hive 2.2.3
hive_flutter 1.1.0
build_runner 2.4.6


You can download and install the app from the release section. If you want to clone the project and play with it check the following steps.

    git clone && 
    cd todolist && 
    flutter pub get && 
    flutter run


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