Food Delivery App

Available on Android / IOS



  • Provider


Check it yourself ?


  • back-end ?
  • Notify Page
  • Responsiveness (mobile – tablet)
  • App isn’t available for Web, Desktop.
  • In app payment features
  • On boarding widgets

Additional Info

All resources (images, icons) are taken on the web (freepik, google images, …) so You can’t use those resources to build a real commercial App. The products description are made in italian (just simple dummy text). Graphic template on Envato Elements ?


  • Home Page

  • Detail Food Page

  • Favorite food Page

  • Menu Page

  • Popular Page

  • Cart Page

Building from Source

  1. If you don’t have Flutter SDK installed, please visit official Flutter site.
  2. Fetch latest source code from master branch.
git clone
  1. Run the app with Android Studio or VS Code. Or the command line:

flutter pub get
flutter run


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