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Simple face recognition authentication (Sign up + Sign in) written in Flutter using Tensorflow Lite and Google ML Kit library.



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Tensorflow lite

TensorFlow Lite is an open source deep learning framework for on-device inference.

Flutter + Tensrorflow lite = tflite_flutter package

TensorFlow Lite plugin provides a dart API for accessing TensorFlow Lite interpreter and performing inference. It binds to TensorFlow Lite C API using dart:ffi.


If you’re interested in contributing, please let me know emailing me to [email protected]


1- Clone the project:

git clone

2- Open the folder:

cd FaceRecognitionAuth

3- Install dependencies:

flutter pub get

Run in iOS directory

pod install

4- Run on device (Check device connected or any virtual device running):

flutter run

To run on iOS you need to have a developer account. See here


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