?? SettleUp

MidWay a mobile app ✌️ which helps the group of people ? to split any expense equally ⚖️ amongst themselves effectively.

User just have to enter the amount ? paid by each person in the group and the app performs the magic ✨ and show who owes whom and settles the money in a creative way⚖️.

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? Color Reference

Color Hex
Example Color #1D1D1D #1D1D1D
Example Color #2F2F2F #2F2F2F
Example Color #F2F2F2 #F2F2F2

? Features

  • Show Expense Share in Beautiful Charts.
  • Expense Result can be shared on Social Media.
  • Efficiently Splits up the Expense amoungst the Group.
  • Cross platform.

? Screenshots

App Screenshot

App Screenshot

App Screenshot

App Screenshot

? Tech Stack

Flutter and Dart

⚙️ Installation

Install “SettleUp” from the below link:


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