An open source Windows application to display several diffrent Scopes for an NDI Input built with Flutter.

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Platform Support

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS


  • Waveforms
    • Luma Waveform
    • RGB Waveform
    • RGB Parade
    • UV Vectorscope
  • Reference Frame
    • Save/Load
    • Overlay on source as splitscreen
    • Overlay on scopes as background
    • Overlay on scopes as splitscreen
  • Draw Masks on source/reference frame
  • Record and graph RGBL ratio over time
  • NDI Codec support
    • UYVY (most common)
    • UYVA
    • RGBA
    • RGBX
    • BGRA (used for still images)
    • BGRX
    • others are very uncommon IMO

GPU Support

    • CC 8.x Ampere RTX 30 Series, RTX A Series,
    • CC 7.x Volta/Turing RTX 20 Series, GTX 16 Series, RTX Quadro Series, TITAN RTX, TITAN V
    • CC 6.x Pascal GTX 10 Series, Titan X, Quadro
    • CC 5.x Maxwell GTX 750 – GTX 980 Ti
    • CC >=3.5 Kepler GT 640 – GTX 780 Ti, TITAN Z NEEDS TESTING!!!
    • CC <3.2 not supported by CUDA 11.x
  • AMD
  • other


Download the latest build under Releases.

Getting Started

This application uses the cross-platform Flutter framework written in Dart.


The Software uses CUDA to compute the frames and scopes. A NVIDIA GPU is required to run this Software.

Run in Debug-Mode

PS ..\ndiscopes> flutter pub get 

PS ..\ndiscopes> flutter run -d windows

Build for Windows

PS ..\ndiscopes> flutter build windows --release

A few resources to get you started if this is your first Flutter project:

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online documentation, which offers tutorials,
samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.


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