Born from needs of an amateur musician, Rythm Shuffle provides a dynamic exercise with a simple and elegant interface for customization.

Inspired by a video i’ve seen recently (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_fJTMWPqcw), i’ve decided to implement the same exercise to mobile with some useful features.

Rythm Shuffle generates semi-random musical notes depending on the difficulty selected and lets users adjust the speed as they see fit. Difficulty effects the value of the notes generated.For instance, on difficulty level 2, you can only get whole,2 half or 4 quarter notes.If you switch to level 3, 1 half and2 quarters notes,2 quarter and 1 half notes will appear along with the other notes.

Every difficulty starts with relatively easier values and after some time values are almost equally has the same chance of appearing and thus creating an exercise more challenging over time.



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