pub package

Experimental package for running Flutter apps from a Dart runner, instead of the
C++ runner that is provided by default when you do flutter create.

You might use this to create a Windows Flutter app without requiring a C++
compiler on your system.

At present, this is not much more than a lightweight experiment. It doesn’t
currently support high-DPI scaling, or plugins, or theme changes. It is
therefore not recommended for use with production apps: it’s more a

A sample app that uses it can be found in the example\ subdirectory. This can be
used to run an existing Flutter app.

For example:

# Create a sample app
C:\src\win32_runner> cd ..
C:\src> flutter create simpleapp
C:\src> cd simpleapp

# Compile Flutter code and assets to the build\ subdirectory
C:\src\simpleapp> flutter assemble -dTargetPlatform=windows-x64 --output=build -dBuildMode=release release_bundle_windows_assets

# Compile Dart runner
C:\src\simpleapp> dart compile exe ..\win32_runner\example\flutter_run.dart -o flutter_run.exe

# Run Flutter app
C:\src\simpleapp> flutter_run

Sample results:


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