Resor Restaurant Order App

Resor is based on an online ordering system instead of traditional paper menus in restaurants. The online ordering system helps the products to be presented in an orderly, understandable, and impressive manner. The convenience provided by today’s technology cannot be denied. A waiter no longer needs to bring a menu to the table to show the menu. It will be a system that will be preferred more since there is less human contact and provide a decrease in the case number of the Covid-19. Our project aims to take precautions against health problems that may occur due to covid-19. The application will only be used to create orders in places such as restaurants and cafes. After installing the application on the phone, the user must register to the application. Then, an order can be created by accessing the menu, user can add a note and use coupon for discount. Thus, a direct connection is established between the chef and the customer. Customer satisfaction is at a high level as it is realized on a systematic basis.


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