About (Null-Safety)

It helps you to change your flutter project’s AppName and BundleId for different platforms, currently only available
for IOS, Android, macOS and Web

Supported Platforms

You can change the bundleId and appName in following folders

  • IOS
  • Android
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Web


pub global activate rename

Default Usage

if you dont pass -t or –target parameter it will try to rename all available platform project folders inside
flutter project.

Run this command inside your flutter project root.

    pub global run rename --bundleId com.onatcipli.networkUpp
    pub global run rename --appname "Network Upp"

Custom Usage

if you want to run commands directly (without using pub global run)
you add system cache bin directory to your path

    rename --appname yourappname -t ios


    pub global run rename --appname yourappname --target macOS

To target a specific platform use the “–target” option. e.g.

    pub global run rename --bundleId com.example.android.app --target android


    -t, --target          Set which platforms to target.
                          [android, ios, macOS, linux]
    -a, --appname         Sets the name of the app.
    -b, --bundleId        Sets the bundle id.
    -l, --launcherIcon    Sets the launcher icon. (deprecated currently)
    -h, --help            Shows help.

Next Coming

  • Getting the current app names and bundleIds
  • Changing launcherIcon fix
  • Null safety


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