Randomized picker for victims of analysis paralysis.

Can't decide...

  • Where to eat?
  • Who to throw under the bus?
  • Bus or train?
  • Left or Right?
  • Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Let Dcydr help you!


No more indecision

Dcydr helps you, a victim of analysis paralysis pick a random choice from a list that you can customize. You may add as many choices as you like for each list and choose icons to match it.


Fit for every situation

When picking for specific occasions, like maybe its a Sunday and some of your favorite restaurants in the list are closed. You can restrict Dcydr by disabling some choices. No need remove and add them back again.


Clean and straightforward interface

Unlike other randomizing apps, Dcydr does not have needless fancy animations, cartoonish graphics or complicated interfaces. It decides for you in the simplest and fastest way possible. Just press the button.


Save them brain juices

Decisions, no matter how small, take mental effort. Studies have repeatedly shown that we humans have very limited amounts of it. So don't waste brain power deciding on those small mundane things. Save them for your bigger decisions! For your other trivial decisions, let Dcydr decide for you.

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I am not liable for any disastrous consequences that may have resulted from the suggestions of the app.

Bugs and Issues

This is just a side-project I write during my free time. It's not perfect, so don't complain. But still, I'll do my best to fix legit bugs.


  • Framework: Flutter
  • Icons: Flat Icons
  • Font: Gotham Pro
  • Database: Sembast

Running from Source


flutter pub get


flutter run