POSP official notes application, written in flutter, beautiful, fast and secure.

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Main features

  • Material design
  • Multi device online sync
  • List/grid view for notes
  • Multiple note extras, such as lists, images and remainders
  • Lock notes with a pin or password for hiding them on main menu
  • Search notes for content/title with various filters
  • Complete theme personalization
  • Local backup/restore functionality
  • Trash and archive for notes

Planned features

  • Note tags
  • Launcher widget
  • Quick note QS tile
  • Partial markdown support
  • Multiple image loading
  • Voice notes
  • Drawings

Compiling the app

Before anything, be sure to have a working flutter sdk setup.

Be sure to disable signing on build.gradle or change keystore to sign the app

After that, building is simple as this:

~$ flutter pub get

~$ flutter run           # for debug
~$ flutter build apk     # release build (fat apk)