Personal Portfolio

This project made with Flutter and hosted in the website.

About Website

This website is built taking the screen into account. It adjusts different layout for desktop version, mobile portrait version and mobile landscape version.

This website unlike other flutter websites handles the cursor when hovered at a button or clickable.

Build the website

Follow the following to build the website:

-> Fork the Project

-> Clone the Project

git clone<username>/Portfolio

Here username is your github username

-> Open the directory

cd Portfolio

-> If you want to build locally (given flutter is already installed, including web version)

flutter run

Then you will be able to check the website at localhost:<some port given in terminal>/

-> Build the project

flutter build web

Now, the build website will be under /build/web/.

If you want to host the website in your then, copy all the content in /build/web/ into another directory and push the content to your repository named <username>

Then you can check your website live at https://<username>

Here username is your github username


Logo of the website:

Replace /web/logo.png with your logo


Replace the Title at /web/index.html line:11,line:31 with your title.


All the Constants of the website are under /lib/constants/constants.dart

These constants include

  • Profile Image
  • Name
  • Tag Line (two tag lines)
  • About
  • Quote
  • Blog linking site
  • Resume
  • Few other similar categories to be under Profile Page

Social Icons:

Update links of Social Icons inside /lib/widgets/social_icons.dart


Few Custom used/non-used colors are present under /lib/theme/colors.dart/

Google Analytics:

This website supports google analytics. You can replace 'UA-XXXXXXXXX-X' with your analytics ID at /web/index.html line:27 to track your website

Note: All of the above should be updated before building the project



This work is licensed under a MIT License.