NOTEE Personal Management App

Version – 1.0.0+1 (alpha)

(Android version 5 – 12)

(VPN) should be turned off to login and register an account

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(This app is one of my showcase projects. More Updates are coming as soon as possible – such as web version, scheduled notifications, online database synchronization and much more…)

I implemented nearly all of the code from scratch only using as few plugins as I can . So, most of the code but not all, are uploaded on Github. Feel Free to download and use the app??

Kim Go Eun (My Love)


Notee is a personal management app that includes four parts :

Note : Note part is inspired by Mi note app. It includes:

  • Creating categories
  • Creating notes by categories
  • Updating notes
  • Deleting notes
  • Search Notes

Todo : Todo part is To-Do List app. It includes:

  • Creating tasks up to (50 days)
  • Repeating tasks according to daily, monthly, weekdays, weekends
  • Delete tasks
  • Update tasks
  • Add subtasks tasks each tasks
  • Add notes to each tasks
  • Stores Past tasks up to 1 year

Timer : Timer part is simple. It includes three basic functions:

  • Start Timer
  • Stop Timer
  • Reset Timer

Account Control :

  • Light <=> Dark Mode
  • Note Reports
  • Todo Reports
  • Login, Register Account
  • Change Password
  • Change User name and Email
  • Delete Account

Used Technologies

  1. MVC pattern
  2. GetX state management, route management
  3. Implicit and Explicit Animations ( I bet you’ll feel smoothest experience?)
  4. SQFLite local database
  5. Shared Preferences storage
  6. Google Cloud Firestore

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