Nubank card animation

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App screen

? Project

This app is just a simple app i made to help me to learn more about how animations work in flutter.

? Technologies

This app was made using the following technologies:

ℹ️ How To Run

To clone and run this application, you’ll need Git + Flutter installed on your computer.

Clone and Run

# Clone this repository
$ git clone
# Go into the repository
$ cd nubank_card_animation/

# Install dependencies
$ flutter pub get

# Run 
$ flutter run

? How to contribute

  • Make a fork;
  • Create a branck with your feature: git checkout -b my-feature;
  • Commit changes: git commit -m 'feat: My new feature';
  • Make a push to your branch: git push origin my-feature.

After merging your receipt request to done, you can delete a branch from yours.

Made with ♥ by Lucas Barbosa ? Get in touch!


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