About NepEv

NepEv is a mobile app which provides the information about EV charging stations in Nepal like location, distance, their capacity, and rates making the process of finding charging station faster than ever.

Technologies used

Flutter, Android Studio, Firebase


This app is built by

Amit Duwal Prashant Manandhar
Ravi Pandit Roman Shlpakar
Ronish Shrestha Rubin Baidhya

Currently studying Bachelor of Computer Engineering 7th sem in Khwopa College of Engineering

What does this app do?

Provides booking capabilities for charging hubs.

Planning routes with EV stations into account.

Platform for various company charging station.

Minimizes the hassle of travelling with EV’s

How NepEv looks?

How to build this app locally?

  1. First of all, Clone this repository locally
  2. Open the folder in your IDE
  3. Download all the dependencies required
  4. Run Flutter
  5. OR

  6. Simply download the apk file and run it in your mobile device


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