Nepal Live Corona Tracking App

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This is a mobile application made using flutter sdk using dart language. From this app it will show us the latest updates of the COVID-19 case of Nepal. Similarly, we can see the latest news about the cases associated with Nepal. I have integrated the API endpoint. The API I used was from Similary, the tutorial for this app is completely explained in English on my channel

App Snapshots


This app was very interesting choice for me. I was motivated to make an app which can show the latest live cases of COVID-19 of Nepal. My main motivation was from my teacher from UDEMY, Dr.Angela Yu who taught me how to code in this platform. I completd here bootcamp programme and I got an idea to explore the data of COVID_19 and make one simple app.

Technical aspect

An app is built on the top of flutter sdk using dart. Similary, it is linked with API.


The code is completely written in dart language and for that I have installed flutter sdk from here

Technologies used



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