Goals Of This Project

  • Providing a mongodb client for mobile devices. (Like official desktop client Mongodb Compass)
  • Supporting crud operations and basic querying.



  • Both mongodb:// and mongodb+srv:// connections are supported. (Mongodb Connection Strings)
  • Adding, removing and reordering connection strings.
  • Naming connection strings.
  • Auto reconnecting.


  • Creating and deleting collections.
  • Number of documents can be seen in each collection tile.



  • CRUD operations are supported.
  • On listing page; documents are represented in master/detail tree format.
  • On editing page; documents are represented in json string format.

Custom Json Encoding / Decoding

Some data types are not supported by default json:convert library. The following operators were used to support those types.

Type Operator Usage
DateTime $date “$date:1998-11-02T01:30:00.000Z”
ObjectId $oid “$oid:5a97f9c91c807bb9c6eb5fb4”
Uuid $uuid “$uuid:ddca6dd7-9887-4f56-8dea-264cbe1c15b1”
Round $decimal “$decimal:2510.41”

User Interface

mondroid-ui-1 mondroid-ui-2 mondroid-ui-3

mondroid-ui-5 mondroid-ui-6 mondroid-ui-7

Side Notes

I won’t be able to develop full time; as this is a hobby project.


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