MLDLS App – The Designing to Development Journey

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I’ve been working on Flutter since December 2021. Additionally, I recently caught interest in Product Designing. I asked myself, “What do I do?” And the answer was “BOTH”. This repository is all about me having hands-on with my designing skills in Figma and bringing it to life via Flutter :).

Destination 1 : About Project [28 May 2022]

The first thing was to think “What to design and develop?”. For last few years, I along with my friends have been co-organizing a 2-week summer school on Machine Learning, namely MLDLS. I decided to create an app for MLDLS. Such that it will have learning resources, important announcements and a forum for discussion.

Destination 2 : Thought Design [28 May 2022]

To start with designing, I had a rough sketch in my mind. I knew that the app will consist of the following screens:

  • Login Screen
  • Home Page (Quick Navigation Tools)
  • Learn Page (Learning resources)
  • Discussion Page (Discussion Platform)
  • Profile

Destination 3 : Designing via Figma Draft 1 [29 May 2022]

I start designing the UI for the above listed pages using Figma. I created the first draft (ref below). Figma Draft 1

Destination 4 : Taking Feedback [30 May 2022]

This was my first ever UI design. I knew, I must have done a lot of mistakes. I wanted to take feedback. I tweeted about it (Tweet) and also messaged some of my friends who are into UI/UX. Following are some key feedbacks that I received:

  • Proper alignment and padding required
  • Text visibility can be improved
  • I should also add Signup Page
  • Login button is important. It should be bigger
  • Space utilization (top section besides logout button is eating a lot of space)
  • Suggestion that I can use combination of two fonts
  • Suggestion for better illustrations (Icon8 Plugin on Figma)

Thanks for suggestions and review to all who replied over my tweet and to those whom I reached out personally (@0xSaurabh, @dwvicy and @Jpandya26).

Destination 5 : Designing via Figma Draft 2 [31 May 2022]

After implementing the suggested changes, the designed looked as follows: Figma Draft 2

Destination 6 : Coding in Flutter [2nd June 2022]

Although I believe, there will be some more iterations to my design but still I started coding the recent draft in flutter. As I improve my design, I can make the respective changes in flutter as well. The code for flutter app can be found in this repository in the “app” folder.

Sub-Destination 6.1 : Login Screen

Designing the login page. Login Screen

In Progres. Come back for updates.


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