One Second Diary

🎬 Record 1 second everyday & create the movie of your life.


This app was inspired by this TED Talk.

After installing some related apps and not being fully satisfied with any of them, I decided to create my own, featuring the two aspects that I wanted the most: Minimalist and 100% Private.

Therefore, this app that will never collect any kind of data, display annoying ads or ask you to pay for anything. It's just a simple app that will help you to remember your life.

The idea itself is pretty simple:

  • Open the app in the moment of your day that you would like to remember in the future
  • Record or upload from gallery a short video (1 ~ 10 seconds)
  • That's it, open the app the next day and repeat the process

Then, after a couple months or even years:

  • Generate a compilation of all those videos, creating the movie of your life

Download Now

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  • ✅ Record up to 10 seconds of video (1080p resolution)
  • ✅ Pick videos from gallery
  • ✅ Add or edit subtitles in the videos
  • ✅ Add automatic or manual geotagging on top of the videos
  • ✅ Choose the date format and color to show on top of the videos
  • ✅ Create profiles to save videos separately
  • ✅ View all recorded days in a calendar
  • ✅ Generate custom movies by periods or selected videos only
  • ✅ Receive scheduled daily notifications
  • ✅ Dark Mode
  • ✅ Available in 8 languages

And of course, it has no ads, no data collection and no in-app purchases ;)