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A minimalist patients and clinic history management software for psychologists powered by Flutter.

Made for psychologists by psychologists.

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First steps

To initialize the project, git clone this repository, cd to the created directory and run the following commands flutter run


Aronnax depends on a SQL database for the correct managment and safety of the information.

If you use a remote hosting, you can skip the installation process, and just work on the configuration of the target database.

  • If you want to use Aronnax on your local machine, follow the steps in the documentation of your choosen database between MySQL or MariaDB.

  • Flutter SDK for building the app for your system.

  • Optional: PhpMyAdmin for graphic management of your database.

The easiest way for most people

A better way of configure your own database on your local machine is to download XAMPP. It will setup a local server with MySQL and PhpMyAdmin included. You can access it throw localhost while you configure Aronnax.

Upcoming features

Aronnax is in current development and growing in features to improve the consultation experience. These are some of the features in plans for development.

  • Print clinic history to PDF
  • Implement some screening tests for doing during consultation
  • Complete translation to english

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