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The app is built with the BLoC architecture pattern.

  • It makes http requests to fetch lyrics data from Musixmatch through API calls.
  • Then it updates the UI state to present data using a Listview widget.
  • Instead of retrieving all of the data at once, it just retrieves data when the user scrolls down the list.
  • It uses separate blocs and cubits to separate business logic from UI components.

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  • Build from source:

    1. Clone the repo
    git clone
    1. cd into the project’s root directory and run:
    flutter pub get
    1. Get a Musixmatch API Key.

    2. Edit the following line with your API Key in /lib/constants.dart file in project’s root folder.:

    const kMusixMatchApiKey = '<--YOUR-API-HERE-->';
    1. You can test the app in debug mode by running the below command in the project’s root directory:
    flutter run
    1. Follow the Build and Release instructions.


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