RT File Manager (Acronym tbd)

Linux file manager with inspiration from GNOME Files and MacOS’s Finder

Everything is WIP, most features missing!

Made in flutter with mostly custom widgets


Interface subtly takes color from wallpaper, like Windows 11’s Mica

Main picture, shows root directory

Slow locations (such as remote disks) show a spinner and show the partial results while loading

Loading indicator example

Various I/O Errors show as a persistent bar on top of the file listing

Error bar example


  • Transparent archives
  • Spinners while directory is loading
  • Nearby share integration
  • MacOS style Proxies
  • Search vs Filter (just type = Filter in current directory + startswith ranked higher, Ctrl+F = Search recursively)
  • Keyboard only nav
  • Grouping like MacOS / Explorer
  • New Nautilus style pathbar
    • Clicking slashes triggers Ctrl+L
    • Clicking directory navigates
  • Command pallete
  • Status bar
  • Home screen with recent files, favorites, disks, etc.
    • PC Info (hostname, etc?)
  • File history (btrfs? custom snapshots?)
  • Rightclick -> Share (SMB, SFTP, Mail, Phone, )
  • MacOS like “Services”, e.g. encode video, make qr code, etc.
  • Storage used indicator for disks
  • Greyed out but persistent extensions
  • Search/Smart folders (used for tags)
  • Devices (KDE Connect integration)
  • Tags


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