Flutter Enhancement Suite

The essential plugin for making working with Flutter easier than ever!

Easy-to-use tools for managing your pubspec.yaml, snippets & more


Autocomplete Pub Packages

When you're adding a new package to your pubspec.yaml file, the plugin will figure out what you're looking for. When pressing enter the package with its current version number will appear magically! Autocomplete pub packages screenshot

Update Pub Packages

Whenever there's a new version available for a package, it will tell you. Just press alt + ⮐ or ⌥ + ⮐ and choose "Update package". Update pub packages screenshot

View Pub Package's Documentation

Just hover over the package's name in the pubspec.yaml - it's as easy as that! View package's documentation screenshot

View Pub Package's Changelog

You want to update a package but don't know what has changed in the meantime? No problem! Just hover over its version number to view the changelog. View package's changelog screenshot

View Test Coverage Report

Ever wondered why you can't view the test coverage in your IDE? Well, with this plugin you can! Just press the "Run with coverage" button when launching your tests. View package's changelog screenshot

Please note: This requires you to run the tests in a directory. Single files DO NOT work yet.

Generate Widgets

When creating a new file, choose the "New Flutter Widget" option. Enter the name for your widget and select its type. Generate widgets screenshot

Dart & Flutter Code Snippets

A bunch of snippets/LiveTemplates for quicker coding. Use ctrl+Q or F1 when hovering over a snippet to get a preview of it.

Icon Previews

Preview icons from different icon packs in the sidebar.

Please note: This requires you to add the package flutter_vector_icons to your pub dependencies. The only compatible iconpacks for now are FontAwesome, Ionicons and MaterialCommunityIcons.

Icon previews screenshot

Edit Linting Rules

When viewing the "analysis_options.yaml" file, select the "Linter Rules Editor" tab at the bottom to see all linting options available. Edit linting rules screenshot

(Deprecated) Generate Blocs

>When creating a new file, choose the "New Flutter Bloc" option. Enter a name for your bloc and it will automatically generate all required classes for you.

Please note: This requires you to add the package bloc to your pub dependencies.

How to install?

You can install plugin directly from IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio:

  1. Open Preferences
  2. Choose Plugins
  3. Select the Marketplace tab
  4. Search for Flutter Enhancement Suite
  5. Click on install