License: MIT


This application basically uses firebase,firebase authentication,cloud firestore,firestore storage and live activity push notifications.







  • google authentication is provided
  • live push notifications for IOS and Android
  • heartbeat animation during liking of post
  • cloud firestore and firebase messaging is available
  • follow,unfollow user and deleting post functionality is available
  • uploading images using firebase storage is present
  • search functionality for other users is available
  • live activity feed notifications for user

Flutter Packages

Packages Name Usage
firebase_auth Authentication
google_sign_in Google Authentication
cloud_firestore Live Messaging
firebase_storage Storing image in firebase
cached_network_image Show images from the internet
geolocator User’s live location
timeago Showing last moment
image_picker For picking image from device
animator Beautiful animations

? Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome ! Feel free to check issues page.


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